Treasures of Eastern Turkey Tour (12 day-tour)

How much can you see in 12 days?

Discover Turkey’s Eastern treasures on a 12-day tour by flight and bus. Be guided by our best-licensed tour guides in this tailor-made tour and uncover the main civilizations of Eastern Turkey.

Step onto the origins of human civilization at places like Sanliurfa and travel back in times predating the Egyptian Pyramids, to the 12000 years old Gobeklitepe. From ancient to present times, we will also witness the day-life of the locals; get a glimpse into the culture and traditions belonging to this Eastern region.

  • Discover the oldest megalithic religious site in the world at Gobeklitepe
  • Witness the Pool of Abraham, where the prophet is believed to have been thrown into the fire by King Nimrod
  • Witness the panorama from the hilltop of “The Mountain of The Gods”, at Mount Nemrut
  • Travel on the Silk Road, stepped by thousands of travelers and merchants of ancient days
  • Discover how a Seljuk Caravanserai looks like
  • Explore the ancient Mesopotamian city of Mardin
  • See the world’s 2nd greatest defensive wall at Diyarbakir
  • Witness a unique sunset overlooking Lake Van, the greatest lake in Turkey
  • Discover Sumela Monastery, perched on a cliff at 1200m facing Altindere Valley
  • Duration: 12 days
  • Included:
    • Hotel pick-up and airport transfers
    • Flight and bus tickets
    • Professional tour guide
    • Entry fees
    • Accommodation
    • Meals (as mentioned in the itinerary)
    • All domestic taxes

    Check for included meals: B – breakfast L – lunch D – dinner

  • Excluded:
    • Drinks with meals (except the drinks served with breakfast)
    • Lunch
    • Personal Expenses

The main places that you will get to see:

Day 1: Istanbul (or Izmir) to Kayseri by flight (D)

Early morning pick-up from your hotel in Istanbul, or Izmir, and transfer to the airport. Embark on a short flight to Kayseri, in the Cappadocia region. Kayseri stands at the foot of Mount Erciyes and was once the Capital of the Seljuk Anatolian Sultanate. Overnight in Kayseri.

Day 2: Kayseri to Adiyaman (B, D)

Start with breakfast at your hotel and hop on a bus journey to Adiyaman. We will make our way along the Silk Road and before continuing to Adiyaman we will stop at Karatay Han: one of the most well-preserved Caravanserais of Anatolia and a monumental example of Seljuk architecture. Overnight in Adiyaman.

Day 3: Mount Nemrut and Sanliurfa (B, D)

After breakfast, start the day at Mount Nemrut – adorning the temple and tomb of King Antiochus – all together with rock depictions of various Gods and art samples of the Commagene civilization.

Continue to the Attaturk Dam, standing on the wise and mighty river the Euphrates, an ancient pillar of the Mesopotamian civilization.

For the afternoon we will visit Sanliurfa, ‘The City of Prophets’ which was mentioned both in the Bible and Quran and was the birthplace of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham). Overnight in Sanliurfa.

Day 4: Gobeklitepe & Diyarbakir (B, D)

Enjoy breakfast at the hotel and meet with your tour guide to continue the tour at Gobeklitepe. Here we will visit the oldest megalithic religious site in the world, and probably one of the world’s most important archaeological sites, predating Stonehenge by 6000 years.

From here we will proceed to Diyarbakir, one of the oldest settlements in the world, more than 5000 years old. In this Kurdish city, we will discover the longest continuous defensive wall, after the Great Wall of China. Overnight in Diyarbakir.

Day 5: Mardin & Tatvan (B, D)

From Diyarbakir we will continue our tour to Mardin, a Mesopotamian city graciously risen over a high hill overlooking the southern regions of Turkey. Afterward, we will visit the Saffron Monastery (Deir-Al-Zafaran), the center of the Syriac Orthodox Patriarchy, built in the 5th century BC and still active today.

After lunch, we will drive to Hasankeyf, an ancient town located along the Tigris River which ended up submerged by the waters of the new dam. Finally, we will make our way to Tatvan, where we will overnight, on the western shore of Lake Van.

Day 6: Tatvan to Van (B, D)

Enjoy breakfast at the hotel and continue with the tour towards Van. We will make our way via Akhtamar Island and stop to visit the 10th-century Armenian Church of the Holy Cross. Overnight in Van.

Day 7: Urartu Kingdom Tour (B, D)

Hop on a journey south of Van, along a branch of the Silk Road to visit Hosap Castle, built to protect the road and also to assist the travelers. From here we will return to Van and have lunch. After lunch, we will continue to the 3000 years old Van Citadel and witness the sunset over the greatest lake in Turkey. Overnight in Van.

Day 8: Dogubeyazit & Kars (B, D)

After breakfast, we will depart towards Dogubeyazit and on the way make a stop to visit the beautiful Bendimaahi Falls. Upon arrival at Dogubeyazit, we will visit the Ottoman palace Ishak Pasha Palace, before continuing to the highlight of the day. As we make our way northwards, we will arrive at the foot of Mt. Ararat, the highest peak in Turkey. According to the Bible ‘Urartu’ was the final landing of Noah’s ark, and it is from here that the name “Ararat” derives.

After this, we will head to Kars, where we will spend the night.

Day 9: Ani Tour (B, D)

From Kars, we will drive to Ani Cathedral and spend the morning exploring the ancient capital of the medieval Armenian Kingdom. Once renowned for its splendor and beauty, it has now but ruins to tell us the story. Among these, we will see several churches, a mosque, the shell of the Cathedral along with the well-preserved defensive wall. Overnight in Kars.

Day 10: Kars to Erzurum (B, D)

As we make our way towards Erzurum, the journey will take us along the Aras River through the World War I battlefield of Sarikamis. Explore the river’s landscape with a magical countryside scenario as we pass by the six-arched Cobandede Bridge and make our way into Erzurum. Overnight in Erzurum.

Day 11: Erzurum to Trabzon (B, D)

Embark on a breathtaking journey through the Pontic Alps, following the steps of Xenophon and The Ten Thousand, along the Karasu at the northmost part of the Euphrates, and up to the Byzantine fortress of Askale. We will then make our way upwards to Kopdagi Pass at 2390m high, and make our way down again towards the cliff-hanging monastery of Sumela. The monastery is dated back to the 4th century and it was dedicated to the Virgin Mary, being of great historical significance. Overnight in Trabzon.

Day 12: Trabzon to Istanbul by flight (B)

Tour completed!

Enjoy breakfast at your hotel and, after checking out, be transferred to the airport for a flight back to Istanbul or Izmir.

Important notice: This tour is a small-group tour; however, it can be provided as private and customized according to your requests.

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