Embark on a private day tour from Istanbul by flight to one of the most sacred landmarks of Turkey. Gobeklitepe is an Archeological site and UNESCO World Heritage place. Located in the East, many legends, stories, and folklore surround this mystical place. Literature, films, and music have been created, inspired by the standalone landscape here. Explore this mystical land along with our best guides, which are imperative for navigating and comprehending crucial aspects of the area.

  • Starting:
    • Hotel pick-up and transfer to the airport.

    Begin the day by being picked up from your hotel by our private van and being transferred to Istanbul Airport for a flight to Sanliurfa.

    •  Flight to Sanliurfa (1 hour, 40 mins)

    Upon arrival in Sanliurfa, meet with our representative and be transferred to the tour’s meeting point.

  • Duration: full day
  • Included
    • Hotel pick-up and airport transfers
    • Flight tickets
    • Professional tour guide
    • Entry fees
    • Lunch (Vegetarian option available)
  • Excluded
    • Drinks with lunch
    • Personal expenses

The main places that you will get to see:

Urfa City

Sanliurfa (Urfa the Glorious) or the City of Prophets itself is situated close to the Euphrates River; it is one of Turkey’s great pilgrimage cities. With mysticism in the air, the city itself is a multicultural, thriving haven. During your comfortable van journey, you will be informed about the history of Gobeklitepe before the tour of Urfa city and the archeological site of Gobeklitepe.

Gobeklitepe Archeological Site

Gobeklitepe, built in the Neolithic/Stone Age period by hunter-gatherers is unmatched, as a temple of global interest. When discovered, it changed our timeline of human history, both bewildering and enlightening us simultaneously. It contributed profoundly to our understanding of hunter-gatherer life, animal husbandry, agriculture and livestock migration, sacred architecture, and the birth of art and storytelling in this period.

The site, believed to have been a sanctuary of ritual significance, is marked by layers of carved megaliths (large stones used to construct a prehistoric structure) and is estimated to date to the 9th–10th millennium BCE.

Abraham Pools

Abraham Pools, located in a beautiful park, is believed by Muslims to be the place where Abraham was thrown into the fire by Nimrod. The pool is a sacred place for practicing Muslims because of the importance of the prophet Ibrahim. Though, it is a special place for all to enjoy the underwater wonder. Carp fish can be found in the pools, and are considered sacred too.

The Sacred Fish Ponds are situated between the stunning Rızvaniye Vakfı Mosque to the North and the Halilur Rahman Mosque to the West.

Cave of Abraham (Ibrahim)

The cave of Abraham is also known as the Birth Place of Prophet Abraham. It is a famous pilgrimage site where devotees go to pray and pay respects to one of history’s most revered prophets.

The entrance to the cave is easily reached via the same courtyard shared with the Mevlid-I Halil Mosque.

Sanliurfa Archeology Museum

Sanliurfa’s huge two-story museum inspires the mind to think back to the ancient times from which the archaeological items were gleaned from. You can find an astounding collection of artifacts on display, tracing relics dating from the Neolithic to the Ottoman era. The Sanliurfa Archaeology Museum is the most fascinating place to experience the history of the biblical land of Urfa. Not only is it one of the largest museums in Turkey, but it also is what is inside that inspires and wows crowds yearly. The 34,000 square meter interior is complete with a restaurant, library, market, and even a playground for children. It has something for everyone to enjoy. See if you can spot the largest life-size human sculpture which is 9500 years old!

Mosaic Museum of Sanliurfa

Showcased next to The Archeology Museum, the artistic sister site, The Mosaic Museum stands proud. Created in 184 AD, the classic style mosaic is stunning.

The mosaics are intricate in detail and excellently preserved, allowing a peek at the lifestyle of the elite bourgeoise of the Roman-era Ancient Edessa (Urfa). Architecturally, the museum has a space-age-style dome that protects a rich haul of Roman-era mosaic floors, unearthed here in 2006.

Local Bazaar of Edessa

Grab some shopping before boarding your flight at the iconic bazaar setting. Bazaars are a staple of Turkish shopping as you can find everything here; gifts, clothing, food, curiosities, trinkets, and more! Take in the colors, vibrancy, exciting smells, and sights here.

 Flight back to Istanbul.

Having the tour finished, be transferred to the airport for a flight back to Istanbul. Upon arrival in Istanbul, you will be met by our representative holding a name sign with your name on it. From there, you will be transferred to your Istanbul hotel with a private van and overnight stay in your hotel.

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