Istanbul Old City Tour

Step onto the origins of one of the most adored epicenters of the world.

Istanbul was the capital of some of the greatest empires that have existed. Having witnessed the peak prosperity of both the Byzantine and the Ottoman empires, this historical peninsula holds a treasure of wisdom and beauty. To this very day, you can be immersed in a diverse set of peoples, art, colors, and traditions.

On this day-tour you will have the chance to cover all the highlights of the old city; gain a proper understanding of the city’s history and its relationship to the present, and, of course, get to wonder at some of the world’s marvels.

  • Duration: full day
  • Included:
    • Full transport to and from
    • Professional, fully licensed tour guide
    • Priority tickets
    • Lunch
    • Water
  • Excluded:
    • Drinks with meals
    • Personal expenses
  • Price:

The main places that you will get to see:

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sofia stands for ‘Holy Wisdom’ in Greek. This legendary wonder has been a Basilica, a mosque during the Ottoman empire, then turned into a museum, and in 2020 again declared a mosque. With phenomenal architecture, it is accepted as the 8th wonder of the world, and the world’s greatest place of worship.

Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Mosque)

Decorated with 20.000 pieces of Iznik tiles and with a 42m high dome, this is one of the most beautiful landmarks of Istanbul and the world. It is the first mosque of an Ottoman Sultan, built by the second greatest architect within the order of Sultan Ahmet I – A triumph of grandiosity, elegance, and magnitude.


Hippodrome was once the center of Byzantine political life, where chariot races used to take place. Today, also called Sultanahmet square, it is one of the most famous tourist areas due to its unique location in historical Istanbul. Surrounded by the Hagia Sofia, the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts, and the Blue Mosque, this is a perfect meeting and starting point.

Topkapı Palace Museum

Once a residence for the Ottoman Sultans, it is now one of the richest museums in the world. With a diverse collection of invaluable artifacts; from the most exquisite Chinese porcelain, the finest samples of sealing, bookbinding, and jewelry, and the relics of Prophet Mohammed, one is absorbed in a world of royal treasury.

Grand Bazaar

Apart from being an authentic shopping oasis, the grand bazaar is a historical landmark. Dating back to the 15th century with a small series of shops, it now covers 47.000 m2 and about 4000 shops – A place where anything and everything can be found. Even if you’re not a shopping lover the grand bazaar will swallow you in a world of colors, smells and tastes, impressive handicrafts, and music.

Important notice:

  • Grand Bazaar is closed on Sunday.
  • Topkapı Palace is closed on Tuesday – It is replaced with Underground Cistern.
  • Blue Mosque is seen from outside on Friday morning as it is closed for prayer.

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