About Us

OPOS Tours and Travel was established by Sonja Goodwin Tanner and Christopher Prescott. Both owners are enrolled Tribal members, together they formed OPOS Tours and Travel in the hopes of sharing “Our People, Our Story” with the rest of the world. We want people to see beyond what may have been published and taught by others about the Indigenous people of the world. Our families, our traditions, stories, teachings, foods, lifestyles, history and customs are unique and richly diverse amongst each community or nation. Indigenous people are original to their homelands and have learned how to best survive and thrive while ensuring our lands and people were best cared for. We pride ourselves by working with experienced and respectful guides while honoring the homeland of the people we are visiting.

OPOS then expanded to Turkey where we; Gokhan Dogan and Sara Korukcu, veterans in the Tourism sector, manage the branch located in the heart of Old Istanbul. We share the same passion as Chris and Sonja and thus we are committed to offering people from around the world the ideal opportunity to experience the best of Turkey. From the rich history and culture residing in every corner of Istanbul, the once Byzantine and Ottoman empires’ capital, to the unspoiled nature and magnificent scenery in the numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Turkey such as Cappadocia and Pamukkale. Our aim is to help you enjoy Turkey’s unique ambience where the east meets the west and Europe crosses paths with Asia.

We offer a variety of custom, private and regular tours that cater to everyone’s different touristic and cultural interests. From Daily City Tours in the charming city of Istanbul and all around Turkey to theme-tours such as Religious Tours (Biblical, Muslim), Sejour Tours (sea- sand-sun), Wine Tours, Special Interest Tours, Gullet Tours and Anzac Dawn Services. Besides the regular group tours, we also offer tailor-made tours where you have the choice of designing your own tour. In addition to tourism, we organize conferences and meetings for various organizations and business groups.